“Soup to Nuts” Food Tax Dead but “Deceptive Lottery Bill Must Die”

Fred, Kristina, Othiamba, and Susan


Good news: the more than 1,600 emails that New Mexicans sent to legislators and the governor made an impact. The bill to bring back the food tax on a wide variety of groceries (literally including soup to nuts) was tabled in the Senate Corporations Committee. (Read the Albuquerque Journal coverage here.)

Testifying against the bill were representatives of Think New Mexico, the New Mexico Chile Association, the New Mexico Conference of Catholic Bishops, New Mexico Voices for Children, AARP, and the New Mexico Coalition of Food Banks, among many others.

Testifying in favor: no one.

It continues to baffle us why this bad idea continues to be resurrected every session, but we are hopeful that this is the last we’ll hear of it in 2018.

“Deceptive Lottery Bill Must Die”


Milan Simonich of the Santa Fe New Mexican laid out exactly what is going on with House Bill 147 in a recent column: “Deceptive bill to shrink scholarship fund must die.”

Yesterday, the bill to repeal the requirement that the lottery must deliver at least 30% of revenues to scholarships was heard in the House Appropriations and Finance Committee. Committee members expressed well-founded skepticism that House Bill 147 would protect the interests of students. After a heated discussion, the bill failed to pass the committee on a tie vote, 8-8.

However, the lobbyists for the multinational gaming companies that contract with the lottery are pushing to resurrect it as soon as this afternoon. Yesterday’s tie vote highlights that every vote matters, and your emails to legislators are absolutely critical.


Please email your legislators and the governor and urge them to oppose House Bill 147!

Thank you, and please keep those emails coming as we head into the final week of the session!


Fred, Kristina, Othiamba, and Susan

Think New Mexico


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