“Snatchers” to film its Second and Third Season in New Mexico


The digital series “Snatchers,” produced by Stage 13, a division of Warner Bros. Digital Networks, and streamed on Verizon’s go90 media brand, will begin principal photography in early February through mid-March in Albuquerque.

“We’re proud to welcome “Snatchers” to New Mexico as part of our growing platform of web-based series’,” said New Mexico Film Office Director Nick Maniatis. “New Mexico’s powerful incentive, robust film infrastructure and incredible natural beauty make us a perfect fit for these productions, as we continue diversifying our economy.”

The production will employ 50 New Mexico crew members, approximately 15 New Mexico principal actors and approximately 200 New Mexico background talent.

Season two of “Snatchers” picks up right where season one left off. Teenage heroes, Sara (Mary Nepi) and Hayley (Gabrielle Elyse), are in over their heads against the evolving alien threat. With Sara’s mom, Kate (JJ Nolan), in the clutches of the creatures, the girls have to enlist help from Skyler (Austin Fryberger), the alien baby-daddy himself.

But can he be trusted? And who are the shadowy figures tracking him down? Time’s running out, and the heroes need to uncover the secret origins of the freaky-deaky menace before it destroys the world…and Sara’s social life.

Created, written and Executive Produced by The Olde Money Boyz (Stephen Cedars, Benji Kleiman & Scott Yacyshyn), the series features a returning cast, including leads Nepi (Sara), Elyse (Hayley), Fryburger (Skyler), Nolan (Kate), Nick Gomez (Oscar) and Ashley Argota (Kiana).

“Snatchers” is directed by Kleiman (“Snatchers” season one, “Dimension 404”) and Cedars (“Snatchers” season one, “Dimension 404”), executive produced by award-winning producer Paul Young/MAKE GOOD Content (former founder at Principato-Young Entertainment, Emmy Award-winning producer for “Blackish,” “Keanu,” “Central Intelligence”) and produced by Young, Scott Hinckley, Eric Fisher, Elli Legerski and Pin-Chun Liu.


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