Early Childhood Constitutional Amendment Passes NM House of Representatives

Jessa Cowdrey, Public Policy Advocate


St. Joseph’s Children congratulates the New Mexico House of Representatives for passing HJR1, the Early Childhood Constitutional Amendment.

Our State Representatives understand the deep plight of our children and they have taken bold action to make systemic change for the betterment of our state. Today, the State Representatives have shown a deep respect for the voters of New Mexico by passing this Constitutional Amendment.

Our State Representatives believe that this proposal to improve child well-being is worth a public debate. We now encourage the State Senate to pass HJR1 so it can indeed go to the voters. The status quo is unacceptable and we can enact change by updating the distribution formula of the Land Grant Permanent Fund to support the science behind brain development, that learning begins at birth.

Investing in our children is a responsible approach to ensure the success of children today and tomorrow.

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