This Time Last Year; The Pronghorns Are back



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Eclectic animal, the Pronghorn, here with all its derived parts explained.

(This was first posted February 5, 2017)

40 or so Pronghorns  are being reintroduced to their historic rangeland along the Interstate-25 corridor between Albuquerque and Santa Fe on Santa Ana Pueblo reservation land, within the daily track of many travelers from the Jemez to lands beyond our nook. The Pueblo tribal council looks forward to establishing a sustainable population over the coming years.

The Pronghorn’s historic rangeland to and well beyond what is now I-25. Hopefully, they will not line the side of the road the road gazing at passing traffic, or chase cars dog-like on their side of the fence. However, the freeway, together with whatever fencing lies in other areas bordering the Santa Ana land severely limits them from the full extent of their previously occupied areas. Also, any hope that they will extend their range to some of the flat grassy spaces south of the Jemez Valley seems remote.

The Pronghorn relocation was conducted by the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish who captured 135 of the animals on the Express UU Bar Ranch near Cimarron. 40 of them went to Santa Ana, 66 to an area near the Capitan Mountains by Roswell. The remaining 25, all  bucks, presumably heterosexual, were returned to their original location, and obviously this population is not likely to increase anymore; perhaps they will find something interesting to do with the rest of their lives.

The Pronghorns that went to the Roswell area will be placed in a large and less controlled area on BLM land. They will be equipped with radio collars, allowing New Mexico Department of Game and Fish biologists to track their movement.


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