The Next Step Plan for Cougar Graduates 2017-2018 Walatowa High Charter School Gear UP Senior Information

Document developed by G. Toya, WHCS Consultant, F. Garcia WHCS Gear Up Coordinator, G Minthorn, WHCS Instructor and Dr. A. Wilkinson-WHCS Executive Director.

The Next Step Plan is a personal, written plan that is developed by each student at the end of grades 8–11 and during the senior year (grade 12). The purpose of the plan is to target the student’s postsecondary interests and set forth the studies he or she will complete during high school in order to be on track for graduation. The student reviews and updates his or her NSP annually, and each year’s plan must explain any differences from the previous year. Quarterly meetings will be scheduled in August, December and May.

Know who to contact:

Dr. Arrow WilkinsonWHCS Executive Director575-834-0443

Kevin Shendo Pueblo of Jemez Education Director (POJ)575-834-9102

Odessa WaquiuPueblo of Zia Education Director (POZ)505-867-3304

  1. MinthornWHCS Instructor505-834-0443

Francine GarciaWHCS Gear Up Coordinator575-834-0443

Frances StrainWHCS Federal Programs575-834-0443

Shelly ChinanaWHCS Administrative Assistant505-834-0443

Gary ToyaWHCS Education Consultant505-834-0443


Grade Point Average 

Senior cumulative GPA for the sixth semester of high school is available in September. The seventh semester cumulative GPA is available in early February.



Most colleges and many employers require an official transcript with the application and a final transcript after graduation. Transcripts are not sent automatically. Students MUST request each transcript from the Office of Student Records by signing the Transcript Request Log (print legibly) located in the administration building. Give the Director of Student Records enough time to process your request before your application deadline. (Typically 2 weeks prior). The Office of Student Records sends the school stamped OFFICIAL transcripts to colleges and employers; however you may request UNOFFICIAL transcripts from the same office. Dual and concurrent high school enrollment transcripts must be requested by the student from the college where you earned credit. Please request transcript from WHCS Administrative Assistant at 575-834-0443

Applying for Admission to college (3 college/career program applications are a charter goal requirement. Each student must be accepted in a college/career program)

Seniors applying for admission to out of state colleges apply on-line. Some out of state colleges have early deadlines. It is recommended that you look up your college of choice on the internet to acquire deadlines, addresses, and other important information. Contact all prospective colleges early in the year. Many colleges require recommendation letters from teachers, counselors and community leaders: give at least 3 weeks’ notice to your recommender and provide them with a stamped addressed envelope. Provide a thank you note to them for providing you with a letter and let them know the outcome. College fairs include Albuquerque and Santa Fe. This is an excellent time to apply as well. To help manage multiple applications please create an account at

Seniors must apply to at least three college or career programs and be accepted into one. The college application completion and acceptance is a WHCS Graduation Requirement.


College Visitation and Fairs 

College Fairs: Register at

NMEC College Fair-Bernalillo Completed 9/18/2017

Job CorpCompleted 10/5/2017

UNM Westside Campus (Garcia/Meek/Minthorn/Wilkinson)Completed 11/3/2017

CNM Westside Campus (Garcia/Meek/Minthorn/Wilkinson)Completed 11/3/2017

IAIA Campus (Meek)Completed 1/26/2018


Financial Aid 

Money to assist paying for college comes in many forms. Almost everyone can find funding. Never base your entire decision to attend college on personal/family finances. There are scholarships, state loans, co-op programs, work-study and tribal scholarships to name a few. The Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is on-line at (Note: use the .gov site not the .com or .org or any other). You and your parents will need to apply for a PIN (personal Identification number) before filling out the application. You will begin applying after October 1, 2017. The deadline for this application is March 31st for most colleges, in order to get funds in time for August.

October 10, 2017 FASFA Night at WHCS 6:30 Completed

Completing financial aid forms can be complicated as regulations and formulas change every year. For assistance call or visit the college of your choice or the following:

NM Education Assistance Foundation1-800-279-5063

University of New Mexico Financial Aid1-505-277-8900

All students are strongly encouraged to complete the FAFSA as some scholarships require this application process be completed. Workshops are offered at community colleges as well, just log onto their websites in your area. FAFSA help is on line at  Please be cautious of financial aid scams requiring money up front and Google the company or organization before investing your money.



Awards are given to students who illustrate excellence in specific fields or based on financial need. To be eligible for an academic scholarship, students should have a high GPA with college prep courses, outstanding scores on the ACT or SAT tests and have participated in school and community activities. Colleges and universities award the majority of these scholarships. Many scholarships are offered only to students going immediately to college, which is an incentive to not “take a break”. Keep in mind, there are many scholarships that are not academic based.  The library can offer assistance or check this sampling of web sites;;;; ,;,; and many others.

The most reliable source to find scholarships is the college where the student applies. The senior counselor also receives and posts scholarship abstracts/notices. Parents should also explore scholarship possibilities from their places of employment, church, membership organizations, pueblo/tribe and nation and others.

Tribal Departments of Higher Education (POJ/POZ) Tribal Scholarships

POJ Education Department: 575-834-9102

POZ Education Department: 505-867-3304 American Indian, Latino/a, African American (

BIA Scholarships:

American Indian College Fund:

USA Scholarship:

Indian Health Services: /

Jemez Valley Credit Union

Tribal Education Scholarship

Lottery Success Scholarships

The lottery success scholarship provides graduating high school senior TUITION assistance at all New Mexico Public Colleges and Universities. The scholarship becomes available the SECOND SEMESTER of college. To receive the scholarship students must be enrolled full time in college and receive 15 credits and maintain a 2.5 GPA in the first college semester. The BRIDGE and OPPORTUNITY scholarships are offered through NM colleges during the 1st SEMESTER OF THE FRESHMAN YEAR OF COLLEGE. Then Lottery Success Scholarship “kicks in” during the second semester of the freshman year of college. NM colleges typically require completing the FAFSA application to qualify for the Lottery scholarship. Important note: If you lose the lottery scholarship, it is gone forever, and you cannot earn it back. (see. www.nmhed.state.nm) Be sure to check with the financial aid office at the college you are applying to for current information.


College and Career Presentation 

7/24-26/2018 Completed-Gary Toya/Francine Garcia presented to each grade college and career student workshops.

September 19-22, 2018 Completed WHCS Gear Up Week


Financial Literacy 

Learning how to manage your money in college is very important. Setting up a budget, managing a checking account, predatory lending, identity theft, how to use credit cards, and learning about various loans is crucial.

Here are websites to assist you.;;;; .

Jemez Valley Credit Union Presentation: Mock loan applications with interviews. Credit history and how does it impact our lives.  Completed 9/25/2017 JVCU- Tina Trujillo

Annual Employability Skills Training provided by POJ Vocational Rehabilitation Staff/ POJ Tribal Ed. Department Training Date: 8/16/2017-8/17/2018. (Completed)

Seniors Register for Selective Service. If you are a male, you must register for Selective Services on your 18th birthday to be eligible for federal and state financial aid. This can be completed as part of the FAFSA application.

Army – Cobos, Alberto M SSG USARMY (Completed-8/22/2017)



If you intend to play college sports you will need to register with the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) for division I, II, III; or National Junior Collegiate Athletic Association (NJCAA), or National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA). Fee waivers are available upon request-WHCS Gear UP Coordinator.

Social and Emotional Support

Families experience emotional issues as graduation and leaving for college nears.

Here are websites to assist you.;;

WHCS encourages the following health services facilities: Jemez Health and Human Services and the Five Sandoval Health Services, Indian Health Services and University of New Mexico Health

POJ Behavioral Health575-834-7315

5 Sandoval Counseling Services505-867-3351

UNMH Behavioral Health505-272-4866

Health and Human Services Presentation completed on July 20, 2017. Pueblo of Jemez Youth Conference Completed.


Employability Skills  

Having an up to date Resume is very important so it is readily available for writers of your letters of recommendation, college admissions, scholarships and employment applications. Presentation and workshops are provided through WHCS, POJ Vocational Rehabilitation, IAIA Course Curriculum and the Tribal Education Departments in regards to employability skills.

Annual Employability Skills Training provided by POJ Vocational Rehabilitation Staff/ POJ Tribal Ed. Department  Training Date: 8/16/2017-8/17/2018. (Completed) Seniors

Managing your Pre-College File/Use your agenda or other calendar.

Get organized, save and catalogue your various passwords and log in information by school; other programs and websites.

Keep track of communication: with whom; about what; date and time; any follow-up.

Be aware of deadlines!!

Complete all tasks! Stay Positive and ask for assistance.

College Entrance Tests (ACT Participation is a Charter Goal requirement)


On-site registration assistance is available for juniors and seniors as most colleges and universities generally require entering freshman to take the SAT or ACT. Those that require the SAT may also require the SAT Subject tests. Those that require ACT may also require the ACT plus Writing. Registration packets and fee waivers are available on a first come first served basis, see Mr. Toya. Registration for the SAT is at Registration for the ACT is at Sample questions, practice test materials and test taking strategies are located on these sites. Test prep is available in the evening for dorm students and during the academic day for day students. When registering for ACT or SAT tests you will use the School CEEB code 320-521. Tests may be taken more than once. ACT student participation is a WHCS Charter School graduation requirement.



Test DateDeadlineLate DeadlineScore Release*

Sept 9, 2017July 28, 2017Aug 11, 2017Sept 10; Oct 3, 2017

Oct 28, 2017Sept 22, 2017Oct 6, 2017Nov 7; Nov 21, 2017

Dec 9, 2017Nov 3, 2017Nov 17, 2017Dec 19; Jan 2, 2018

Feb 10, 2018Jan 5, 2018Jan 19, 2018Feb 20; Mar 6, 2018

Apr 14, 2018Mar 9, 2018Mar 23, 2018Apr 24; May 8, 2018

June 9, 2018May 4, 2018May 18, 2018June 19; July 3, 2018

July 14, 2018June 8, 2018June 22, 2018July 24; August 7, 2018



ACCUPLACER is a suite of tests that quickly, accurately, and efficiently assesses reading, writing, math, and computer skills.  Seniors and Juniors are required to complete the CNM Accuplacer college entrance exam. Students will be assessed in September, December and May during their academic school year. WHCS will utilize the assessment as a short cycle assessment which will be conducted quarterly to measure academic growth.


Reading Plus: Students who continued for a second semester showed much greater gains on average than did those who participated in Reading Plus for one semester. A one semester gain was also seen in the 25 students who were both pre- and post-tested using the Visagraph Eye-Movement Recording System. The students improved their reading efficiency by an average of 4.6 Grade Level Equivalents in a single semester. The expected improvement over a year without specific training is 1.0 GLE. Within the Reading Plus program, the students improved their Part B, or guided slot, rate by an average of 92% while maintaining an average comprehension of 70% over an average of 43 lessons.

To exit the WHCS Reading plus Program, students must complete all levels of the program, and/or ACT Score of 18 on the reading portion, ACCUPLACER Score of 90 and enrolled and complete dual credit ENG. 101/102. Students who do not exit the program must remain until and meet instructor assigned levels.

ASVAB: The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery is administered by armed forces recruiters. ASVAB is an annual assessment scheduled through the WHCS Gear UP Coordinator. Disaggregated data result presentation was provided by trained WHCS Staff with each student. (August 8-9 2017). Completed)


Graduation Requirement:  

NM State Mandated Requirements: All seniors must meet all NMPED State mandates assessment requirements. Please review Next Step Plans. Please contact WHCS Assessment Coordinator for any questions regarding your student’s results. In addition, all seniors must complete ALL WHCS Student Goals and Objectives.

NM State Mandated Graduation Requirements: All seniors must complete all NMPED graduating course requirements to be eligible for graduation.

Accepted into a college and career program

Participate in the ACT.

2017-2018 Graduation

Graduation is scheduled for May 5, 2018 at the Walatowa Youth Center at 10:00 a.m.

All caps, gowns and invitations are ordered through the Cornerstone Graduate Supply, Inc.


Document developed by G. Toya, WHCS Consultant, F. Garcia WHCS Gear Up Coordinator, G Minthorn, WHCS Instructor and Dr. A. Wilkinson-WHCS Executive Director.


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