Look at December 2017 in the Red Rocks

Photos R.W.

Last day this year for these asters and datura?

It feels like a front coming through today. Fierce winds are rattling whatever’s been left out to rattle and forecasts call for temperatures to drop to seasonable levels, or perhaps below, over the next few days. No more flowering gardens with bees and butterflies buzzing in still, warm air. It’s been nice while it lasted.

I realize, of course, that that Red Rocks (aka Banana Belt) has a somewhat different climate than some other parts of the Jemez and nearby areas, and that many folks have had their first frost a long time ago, but here is a sad farewell to a long flowering season from down our way.

This visitor dropped by yesterday.


Here it is again “jostling” with a bee (top left corner) on a rosemary plant.


Asters everywhere.



The cane looks like it’s still Summer.



Some potato plant leaves came leaping out of the compost.


Little yellow flowers, whatever they are…


…and this outcrop of a vaguely familiar looking weed, whatever that is.


The flower garden still holding up…


…and a bee-like creature taking advantage.


The last grasshopper of 2017 keeping an eye on all the above.








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