Stick Structures; We Are Not Alone

By R.W.

Since there were so many searching, probing and perceptive entries on the Jemez Post Facebook page concerning the issue of Stick Structures in the National Forests, I feel compelled to clear the matter up.

Yes, there were some good comments, and yes, some were reaching the heart of the matter, which is not surprising, since the answer to the mystery is quite simple.

Homeless shelter? Most likely not. Sorry Lorri White and Cathy Stanhope.  The stick structures are too leaky, not in the least cozy and not possible to erect by a single wandering homeless person, or even by a team of such, especially in the numerous locations that they have occurred  in throughout the ranger district.

Look at the size of these sticks. Sticks? These are whole trees. Do you think a homeless person, tired after a long trek up into the high country is going to scurry around a mountainous landscape gathering bundles of pine and spruce trees to erect into a pointless tepee-like shaped structure. Not really.

Let’s now turn to other comments. Dawn Singh merely furrows and mumbles: “Rather odd” while Terry Molyneaux offers the suggestion “Mickey Mouse!”, which is not very likely, and neither of which comments is very helpful.  No, we only start reaching deeper with Cathy Conn’s observation that  ” We saw one near La Cueva Picnic grounds. The next day it was torn down.” (Aha…that already sends a shiver down your spine.)

Now Nick Tobey enters with the penetrating one word and two exclamation points entry: “Bigfoot!!” and Sharon Bradford clinches the matter with another blazing one-worder: “Aliens”.

Aside from reproaching Nick Tobey and Sharon Bradford for their somewhat derogatory and not correct terminology, and replacing the term Bigfoot with Sasquatch and Aliens with Extra Terrestrials (ETs), here we are starting to get a picture of the quite ordinary dynamics which led to the erection of Stick Structures throughout the Santa Fe National Forest. While the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (Seti) Institute spent countless years scouring the skies for signals, peering into black holes and rotating neutron stars  for strange space music sent to us by intelligent alien life, they completely overlooked the most obvious place for such occurrence, the woods and all the sticks that litter them down our way. Right under our feet.

A casual glance at the stick structures at once reveals a complexity akin to someone (ET) sending us a language, or mathematics, or something with information in it. We’re much too stupid, especially here in New Mexico, to know what they’re saying, and it really doesn’t matter.  Do we want to respond to them? The Seti protocols require response to a signal or other evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence should be not be sent until appropriate international consultations have taken place. Yeah, right, who’s going to work on that, Martinez? Balderas? Please, not Pearce…

But all that is beside the point and does not touch upon the key aspect of this stick structure issue. Now, we know from many reports that the woods are Sasquatch infested. Just a little research online reveals that is not just some wretched overgrown human-like ape, but in fact an extraterrestial in its own right, bounding about the National Forest, constructing wooden signatures of extraterrestial technology offered to us to help humankind push the frontiers of making connections with the Universe, or something like that.

Big hairy angels from outer space weave meanings conveyed with stick language into our forests that appear in just about every part of the North American continent, and now causing consternation, rolling of eyeballs and even occasional tut-tutting in ranger stations throughout the  Santa Fe National Forest.

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