Job Opportunities With the Pueblo of Jemez


Candidates must apply online at For more information, contact the Human Resources Department at (575) 834-7359.


Victim Services Coordinator,   Regular Full-Time

Compliance Officer, Healthcare,   Regular Full-Time

Environmental Health & Safety Specialist,   Regular Full-Time

Human Resources Consultant,   Regular Full-Time

Childcare Worker,   Temporary Part-Time

Medical Assistant,   Regular Full-Time

Medical Billing Specialist,   Regular Full-Time

Coding Technical Specialist,   Regular Full-Time

First Blocks Placed in Pueblo of Jemez Subdivision


Tribal, federal, state and dignitaries, staff and guests set the first blocks on the demonstration house at Pueblo Place at a ceremony on Monday, August 7. Governor Joseph Toya welcomed the group and offered the opening prayer.

“This is the foundation,” he said. “As we build houses, we build our community.”

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New MexicoTribes Receive $660,000 for Historic Preservation


U.S. Deputy Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt with the National Park Service today announced the distribution of $341,169 in historic preservation grants to New Mexico as well as $322,404 for historic preservation grants to eleven Tribal Historic Preservation Offices in the state. This funding, part of $25.5 million going to states and tribes across the country today, represents a total of$58 million that the National Park Service has invested in the preservation efforts to every U.S. state, the District of Columbia, the U.S. territories, and partnering nations this year.

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Job Opportunities With the Pueblo of Jemez


Candidates must apply online at

For more information, contact the Human Resources Department at (575) 834-7359. 


Medical Records Clerk, Regular, Full-Time

Forestry Laborer, Temporary, Full-Time

Fitness Trainer, Regular, Full-Time

Childcare Worker, Temporary, Part-Time

Compliance Officer, Regular, Full-Time

Youth Center Assistant, Regular, Full-Time

Personal Care Attendant/Caregiver, Temporary, Part-Time

Personal Care Attendant/Caregiver, Temporary, Full-Time

Technical Writer, Regular, Full-Time

Medical Billing Specialist, Regular, Full-Time

Coding Technical Specialist, Regular, Full-Time

Medical Assistant, Regular, Full-Time

Brick Laying Ceremony for the Jemez Place Subdivision Demonstration House

By Tiffany Avery

Director of Marketing & Communications, SANDOVAL ECONOMIC ALLIANCE

Jemez Pueblo leadership, in collaboration with the Jemez Community Development Corporation, will hold a block laying ceremony for the new Pueblo of Jemez Self-Help Demonstration House that will be the first home built within the newly completed Pueblo Place subdivision.

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New Fitness Center Breaks Ground


Tribal Councilmen, the Governors, tribal staff and community members gathered at the Walatowa Youth Center on Thursday, June 29, to officially break ground for the new Fitness Center to be built adjacent to the building. Tribal Administrator Senator Benny Shendo, Jr. welcomed the group and served as emcee. Adam Waquie offered the opening prayer.

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By R.W.

Mountain Fish.

When I hear the Jemez speak their amazing sounding language I can rarely separate a single word from the flow, let alone catch any of the meaning of what is being said. I have once or twice been coached, by bored Jemez looking for distraction, to utter simple greetings or pronounce the odd name place, only to have my attempts greeted with either puzzlement or total amusement.

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Hikers Lost in the Jemez

Update 9:25 p.m.: Bernalillo County Sheriffs Office says its Air Unit assisted the Sandoval County Sheriff’s Office with locating 3 stranded hikers in the forest area near Jemez, it was originally believed one person may have died. They made no confirmation of this; their announcement so far carried no details of the hikers’ condition.

As of 8:20 p.m. there have been no updates on this story in any New Mexico publications. This story  is confusing since Sandoval County Sheriff’s Departament is also reported to have been conducting a similar search near Mount Taylor for three hikers, one of whom is reported to have died. Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO) issued this statement, presumably referring to the situation in the Jemez:

BCSO Metro Air Unit will be launching in reference to a search and rescue call for Sandoval County. Five people are stranded. One person had a heart attack and the others may be suffering from dehydration. BCSO will assist fire and rescue in locating the subjects and shuttling personnel.


A rescue operation is going on somewhere in the Jemez, where five hikers are reported to be lost. The report is very unclear, and says that they are lost near Jemez Pueblo, but this could mean somewhere in the mountains near the reservation. One of the hikers is reported to have suffered a heart attack, which implies that the sheriff’s deputies conducting the search have contact with the group, but are unable to locate them.

A sheriff’s office helicopter shuttling rescue personnel to and from the area may be visible over the valley.




Native American Art, Food and Dance at Red Rocks


This May marks the 27th year of the Annual Jemez Red Rocks Arts and Crafts Show during Memorial Day Weekend. This event is a time-honored tradition that brings hundreds of people to the Jemez Pueblo Red Rocks to celebrate and honor the brave few that have died while serving in the United States Military. “This is why we have a holiday; it is to honor and remember those that have passed on during times of conflict and war,” says Marlon Magdalena, Vice President of theJemez Arts and Crafts Association. We celebrate this American Holiday the best way we can, with Authentic Native American Art, Food, and Dance.
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Prescribed Burn on Virgin Mesa



Fire managers on the Jemez Ranger District of the Santa Fe National Forest hope to take advantage of favorable spring conditions to conduct prescribed burns during a window that opens April 17 and ends on May 21, 2017.  That window is dependent on favorable conditions, including fuel moisture levels, air quality and weather forecasts.

Primary targets are a 600-acre unit at the southern end of Virgin Mesa and 400 acres on the West Mesa treatment area a half mile north of Virgin Mesa off Forest Road 607.

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Pet Vaccines and Pet Food at the Walatowa Youth Center

By Samuel Adams



Join Jemez Pueblo Animal Rescue, on April 9th from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. for their monthly vaccine clinic and pet food bank at the Walatowa Youth Center. Dr. Barbara Maxam will be the on-staff veterinarian.
Also present at the vaccine clinic will be UNM’s pre-veterinary medicine students, who will be volunteering. Save money and a trip to the city by taking your pet(s) to JPAR’s vaccine and wellness clinic!”



Fire in the Jemez

By Thomas W. Swetnam, Regents’ Professor of Dendrochronology, Emeritus



Photo: Archeology Southwest.

The Jemez Mountains are “the poster child” of wildfire problems in the Southwestern U.S. Residents recall too well the evacuations of Los Alamos during the 2000 Cerro Grande and 2011 Las Conchas Fires. They also recall the enormous plumes of smoke rising over our mountains, the loss of hundreds of homes, and the burned-out forest landscapes that are now slowly recovering. The long-term history of the Jemez, however, includes a rich interplay of humans, forests and fires spanning many centuries. Despite what we have witnessed in recent decades, for the most part, the long-term history is one of co-existence — of people and fire living together, sustainably.

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Retablos and Bultos in Walatowa High

Story and Photos by Troy Meek, Art Teacher


Walatowa High Charter School held a very successful workshop attended by 9th, 10th and 11th graders, presented by Rhonda Crespin. A resident of Jemez Springs for many years, she is well known and collected for her Bultos, or round 3D hand carved devotional artworks, and for her Retablos, which are flat paintings on wood.

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Jemez Contributions to Native American Easel Art


By Matthew J. Barbour, Regional Manager



Deborah Ellis, Docent


Painting by Vidal Casiquito Jr.


In the early twentieth century, a group of Native American artists gained recognition for producing portable paintings depicting traditional cultural practices and life experiences. Known as “easel paintings,” these works reflected a new form of artistic expression for Native Americans in New Mexico. The paintings were illustrated in a distinct two-dimensional graphic style, primarily using opaque water colors. The works of two artists from Jemez Pueblo are on display before you.

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Wood You Believe It

Photos R.W.

It lies hidden, but ready to explore.


Unseen by most passers-by on N.M. Highway 4 is an amazing site hidden behind a few bends of a dirt road leading to the Walatowa Timber Industries, the logging and sawmill company operated by the Pueblo of Jemez.

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A glimpse inside the Walatowa Timber Industries yard.

Running a little low on firewood? They don’t deliver, you have to do your own hauling, but this looks like a serious pile from which you can replenish your supplies.


It is an amazing site/sight that will lend itself for a wood-centered photo essay some time in the future. Here’a a teaser:


Job Opportunities With the Pueblo of Jemez

Pueblo of Jemez


Please note the change in the application process:
The Pueblo of Jemez is no longer accepting paper applications for job opportunities. Candidates must apply online at For more information, contact the Human Resources Department at (575) 834-7359.

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Publishing the Past: The 1965 Excavations at Giusewa Pueblo

By Matthew J. Barbour


Photo Archaeological Society of New Mexico

Rooms excavated at Jemez Historic Site in 1965.


Through the centuries, Jemez Historic Site’s Giusewa Pueblo has been excavated by numerous archaeologists. The collections in Santa Fe are full of pottery, flaked stone, and other archaeological materials recovered at the site. However, very few research reports discuss Giusewa in any great detail. While lots of archaeological work was conducted, very little has ever been published. This is beginning to change.

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Jemez Governor Assumes New Position



Pueblo of Jemez Governor Joseph A. Toya has been elected as Chairman of the Southern Pueblos Council of Governors. Previously, Councilman Raymond Gachupin, also Jemez,  served as Chairman of the Council in 2000 and 2007.

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