Looking Back & Moving Forward: The Northern Region of New Mexico Historic Sites

By Matthew Barbour


Photo Patrick Moore.

Jemez Historic Site Light Among the Ruins.


The Northern Region of New Mexico Historic Sites includes: Coronado and Jemez Historic Sites. Coronado Historic Site was opened preserve the ancient village of Kuaua and to interpret the Coronado Expedition, while Jemez was established to preserve and interpret San Jose de los Jemez Mission and Giusewa Pueblo. They are two of the five original State Monuments established in 1935, the others being Abo, Quarai, and Pecos. Both are listed on the National Register of Historic Places and the State Register of Cultural Properties. On October 16, 2012, Jemez Historic Site was also designated a National Historic Landmark.

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Reclaimed Passion Show Creations by Jennnifer Olson on Exhibit at the Jemez Springs Artisans Gallery

By Jennifer Olson

Image result for jemez artisans gallery

Jemez Springs Artisans Gallery interior

I have enjoyed working with semi-precious stones and making jewelry for many years. At times, I became obsessed with it, and made it with passion. Then, the passion would begin to wane. I still enjoyed it – just not as much.

I recently started working with metal and getting really excited about it. It’s doing the trick. The passion is back! The possibilities seem endless, and I’m having some serious fun creating new jewelry.

So, come on by the Artisans Gallery and say those three magic words – “I want it!” That would make me so happy, my passion will overflow.

My creations will be there February 2rd – through the 16th. If you show up on Saturday, the 10th, between 1 and 3, I’ll be there to say “hi”, feed you snacks, and smile at you. You might even be able to commission me to make something just for you. And while you’re there, you can browse others works of passion.

Get It While You Can

By Jennifer Olson


I talked with Walter today and learned this Saturday will be the last time you will be able to get fresh plucked produce for a while. He says it’s just getting too cold.

This Saturday he will have kale, lettuce, chard, spinach, turnips, beets, lots of choys, Chinese cabbage, carrots, radishes and you’ll just have to go see for yourself what else. But there probably will be yogurt, kim chee, strawberry, as well as quince preserves. And if you buddy up real nice you might get some baby greens that have been thinned. There will also be James’ honey available and Shirley will bring some eggs. Just think – one stop shopping.

He also said the hoop house is worth seeing right now, and would remind you of Spring, and winter is not even officially here. So get yourself to the Bodhi on Saturday between 9 and 11, thank Walter and Hosen for creating this for us. Be sure to wear your smile and have a merry time.

Happy holidays to all.

Difficult Driving Conditions in Jemez Area

New Mexico Roads warns of difficult driving conditions on US 550, mile marker 30-35 ( north of San Ysidro). Roads are icy. Visibility is limited due to light snow. Please drive with caution and obey all posted traffic signs. This event will be updated as conditions change.

The icy roads on this stretch, mile markers 30-40 (north of San Ysidro), have led to multiple crashes.  As mentioned above, roads in this area are icy and visibility is limited due to light snow. Drivers are warned to watch for emergency response vehicles and snow plows and to reduce speed.

Difficult Driving Conditions are also occurring on NM 4, between mile markers 24-46 (from just above Jemez Springs to the Los Alamos County Line) – Roads are snow packed and icy. Visibility is limited due to light snow. Please drive with caution and obey all posted traffic signs.

Gardening in December

By Jennifer Olson


Welcome back everyone. Hope you had a wonderful holiday. I made sure to give thanks for all of you who support our local farmers market – plus those who don’t. This is just too wonderful a place not to be grateful for everything.

So here in this wondrous land of plenty, Walter keeps coaxing those veggies right out of the ground. And guess what? There’s enough to share. So get yourself to the Bodhi this Saturday, between 9 and 11, and take advantage of this cornucopia of healthy goodness.

Be sure to wear your smile and express your gratitude for this nutritious and delicious fresh produce, grown right in your back yard and the only effort needed from you is getting there to get it!! What more could you ask for?

Ranger Ethan Ortega is now the Historic Site Instructional Coordinator

By Matthew J. Barbour, Regional Manager


After an exhaustive search, New Mexico Historic Sites is pleased to announce that one of its own, Ranger Ethan Ortega, has been selected as the new Instructional Coordinator. He replaces Instructional Coordinator Sharon Walker who departed Coronado Historic Site on June 15. During her relatively brief two-year tenure, Ms. Walker visited over 50 public schools and published 11 lesson plans utilizing Common Core State Standards for literacy.

The role, as envisioned for Mr. Ortega, is quite a bit different from the one Ms. Walker held. He will not only service Coronado Historic Site, but the entire Northern Region of New Mexico Historic Sites. It will include duties both at Jemez and Los Luceros (situated in Acalde, New Mexico). Mr. Ortega will work in tandem with Jemez Instructional Coordinator Marlon Magdalena on public outreach and digital media promoting the sites. However, Coordinator Ortega’s primary role –at least initially- will be on re-imagining the exhibits at Jemez Historic Site.

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Coming Attractions

Jennifer Olson


Walter sez that this coming Saturday’s adundance will come by way of lettuce, spinach, Chinese cabbage, bok choy, pak choy, tatsoi, radishes, turnips, carrots, winter squash, chard, kale, collords, and maybe some beets cauliflower and brocolli, And of course, there will be quince preserves and most likely yogurt, and possibly some surprises.

He also said his magic (my word) garden would continue to produce unless it gets colder than 20 degrees. He’s nurturing seedlings right now and keeping them covered at night. amd with the weather we’re having, there just might be a Bodhi market for some time.

I will be out of town for a couple of weeks, so there will not be any FM news while I’m away, but the market will continue. So go. Wishing you good health for your smiling faces. Have a great Thanksgiving.


By Jennifer Olson


As Autumn lays its frost at our feet, readying us for the big chill of Winter, most of our growers have little to offer in the way of produce. Except for Walter, there is none to be had at our Farmers Market.

So, to make it easier all the way around, you can go to the Bodhi on Saturday mornings, from 9 til 11, and buy directly from him there. If Hosen has yogurt, jams, or dried fruit, you can get it then. This will continue until there is no more harvest.

Walter has been covering the crops, so there will be greens, plus he said the broccoli and cauliflower are coming in. He also will have beets, turnips, carrots and ….??? You’ll just have to go see for yourself.

I want to extend my gratitude to all of you who made this such a great season for our farmers market at the gazebo – buyers and vendors alike. Warm hugs and smiles to you all. We’ll get together in the Spring and try it again.

Whattaya think?

Blaze a Trail to the Gazebo

By Jennifer Olson


And in the midst of all the rummage, you will find some fine produce. Walter has lots and lots of greens, of many varieties, delicious cooked or in salad. The autumn squash are in. I think I saw butternut and several other varieties when he was at the open air market. Maybe some pumpkins? There should also be melons, beets and sweet potatoes. Plus, whatever else is ripe and ready. I’m sure his table will be overflowing with lots of goodness. You’ll just have to come and see what’s there for yourself.

Hosen will be selling yogurt, dried apples and raisins. You will be able to get coffee and sweet rolls and see what else is available. Shirley will not be there this week with her eggs, and Ron’s been hit with frost. But, there will still be lots of smiles, goodwill and friendship.

So, come on down, say hello and stock up while you can. The season is drawing to a close, but I’ll keep you posted.

Fall Color Road Bike Ride

Sandra West


Inline image 1

Photo by ©Phillip Noll

Jemez Springs.

Pajarito Environmental Education Center (PEEC) and the Los Alamos Mountaineers (LAM) are partnering to offer a road ride from Jemez Springs to the Gilman Tunnels and back on Sunday, October 29th. Join Ross Lemons on a paved ride to enjoy fall colors, great company, and colorful geology.

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New Archaeological Report on Jemez Historic Site Available Now

By Matthew J. Barbour


Rooms excavated at Jemez Historic Site in 1965, photo courtesy of the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture-Laboratory of Anthropology.

Giusewa: Laurens C. Hammack’s 1965 Excavations for the Visitor Center Water Line at Jemez Historic Site, Sandoval County, New Mexico, by Regge N. Wiseman, was published October 13 by the Archaeological Society of New Mexico. The report details the excavation of six rooms at Giusewa Pueblo. These rooms were occupied by the Jemez people during the seventeenth century and revealed a plethora of artifacts and features associated with pueblo life under the Franciscan Mission of San Jose.

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Just This Once

By Jennifer Olson


This Saturday, the growers will be at the Walatowa Open Air Market, which will be going on in the parking lot of the visitors center – just north of the gas station in the red rocks.
While you’re there picking up eggs and veggies, check out the dancers and all the fine arts and crafts available at this event.
Be sure to keep your smiles ready to meet new friends and greet old ones.
The market will be back at the gazebo October 21

Farmers Markets News

By Jennifer Olson


Okay, I said this coming weekend was gonna be the last market at the gazebo in the park for this year. Well, things change. Good news – our growers still have the crops, coming in with abundance.

But the schedule of events is kinda wonky. So let me lay it out for you:

 October 7 – (this Saturday) We will be at the gazebo with everything we’ve got.

October 14 – There will be a temporary re-convention to the open air market at Wallatowa Visitors Center.

October 21 – We’ll be back at the gazebo, with the trail sale all around. October 28 – Maybe we’ll be back to (??) normal at the gazebo, as long as the crops continue to flourish.

Anyway, I’ll keep you posted. Meanwhile, keep those smiles close, and be ready to pull them out at any time or place.

Jemez Photographers Show In Matrix Fine Art Gallery Albuquerque

“Three Lenses” is a show featuring the work of three Jemez Springs photographers: Robin Davidson, Jim Caffrey and Theodore Greer. The show is at the Matrix Fine Art Gallery, 3812 Central Ave. SE, in Albuquerque, and will run through the month of October.

The artists’ reception is on First Friday Arts Crawl, Oct. 6, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Flash Flood Watch for the Jemez

Starting this afternoon all the way through Sunday night the National Weather Service has announced a  flash flood watch for large parts of New Mexico, including the Jemez. They tell us that a few strong storms are possible across western New Mexico this afternoon and evening. Torrential downpours and small hail are the primary threats. Minor flooding is possible due to heavy downpours over already saturated soils.

Both localized and distant heavy rainfall will create dangerous flows in arroyos and over low water crossings. Do not attempt to drive through these waters. Water in arroyos may travel many miles and take hours to reach your location from upstream rain areas.

In many locations the ground is already saturated from 2 days of moderate to heavy rainfall, so even moderate rain amounts in a short period of time could lead to flash flooding.  Other vulnerable locations will include steep terrain, urban areas and burn scars. Keep a watchful eye on arroyos and small streams, and stay out of flooded low water crossings.

Drier air will arrive from the west and southwest on Saturday evening decreasing the risk of flash flooding.


Don’t be Dull this Winter

By Jennifer Olson


This Saturday will be the last for Dave, our friendly knife sharpener, for this season. So, if your knives and/or scissors are dull, you best bring them while you can.
The rest of our vendors will be here for the next couple of weeks, with smiles on their faces and the freshest cornucopia of produce available.

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