Power Surges Sweep Away Carefully Assembled Pixels

By R.W.

It was a dark and stormy late afternoon…

Well, there was at least a definite movement of air and little globs of rain could be observed hitting the ground here and there. This catastrophic meteorological event (climate change?) that shook the valley surged into my hard drive picking up a cloud of pixels and swept them into deep space leaving my desktop device an empty shell, screen all drained of life, blank, not even blue any more.

As time passed and electric panic passed, surge after surge, familiar looking hopeful suggestions in a bold, archaic white on black font, loomed out of the digital darkness on the monitor and eventually, after nearly a whole day, led to a miraculous recovery. The Jemez Post is back.

Electricity is cheap in the Jemez, thank you Coop, can’t complain about that, but these violent electric events that fry electric devices and call for bigger and better protective devices can be costly.

I will now peer into the world wide web, but glancing out of the window all the time, with my hand firmly grasping the power cable, ready to yank it off the grid at the slightest draft or drifting cloudlets threatening moisture.


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