Riding the Railrunner

A Sunday ride on New Mexico’s outbreak of transportation infrastructure, all the way from Bernalillo to Belen (and back).

The train itself is very pleasant, it hoots a lot, that probably saves lives, it is air-conditioned, which matters on days like this, doesn’t sway too much, builds speed once in a while and travels through some improbable landscapes, stuff you don’t normally see through your car windows, at least not from these angles. The fainthearted I must warn, not all the images below are pretty (and often blurry, taken through clean, but somewhat fuzzy windows on a moving train):

Photos R.W.
















Thought I’d add a few cute ones at the end. The fact is that this is a nice and interesting ride, but there are some quite bizarre moments. This is New Mexico.









  1. Thank you for the visual story! How much time did it take to make the round trip? Have a 17 year old niece arriving soon on her first trip away from home (Ca) and planning activities!

    I enjoy and appreciate your posts


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