Join a Forest Service Archaeologist to Explore a Unique Piece of Pre-History on Glorieta Mesa.  

By Julie Anne Overton


Predating written language, petroglyphs give us a glimpse into the lives of ancient people who shared their stories, ideas and plans by carving onto rock surfaces.

Typically found in caves or on cliff walls, rock art is prevalent throughout the Southwest where arid climates have helped preserve them.  Dating to roughly 4000 to 3300 B.C., the Glorieta Mesa panels are unique because they were carved onto horizontal surfaces.

Tours of the Glorieta Mesa rock art are scheduled for:

  • Saturday, July 22
  • Saturday, Aug. 19
  • Wednesday, Sept. 20
  • Wednesday, Oct. 18
  • Wednesday, Nov. 15.

The tours are free but participants must register in advance by calling the Pecos Ranger Station at 505.757.6121.  The tours will begin at 9:30 a.m. at the Pecos Ranger Station, 32 South Main Street, in Pecos.  A high-clearance vehicle is required to reach the site, and carpooling is highly recommended.  Please bring sunscreen, snacks, hiking boots and plenty of water.

Petroglyph creators were storytellers.  Sign up for the rock art tour to find out what their images tell us about them and the times in which they lived.

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