Farmers Market News

By Jennifer Olson


Yes! There will be a market this Saturday with the usual suspects, and maybe some surprises. The past few weeks we have had a number of great goods passing through our market, but I don’t know what different special things will be there this week, so you’ll just have to come find out for yourselves.

Just LOOK! I think you can count on eggs, lettuce mix, radishes, beets, turnips, cabbages, choys, broccoli, onions, herbs, carrots, flowers, yogurt, granola, jam, truffles, coffee and goodies from the Highway 4 café. I also will have some Diatomaceous Earth for sale, which can be used as a non-toxic insecticide. (Further information will be at the market.) I have a very small amount of grasshopper bait left, but you can sign up for some, and, if there is enough demand, I will order more.

And, of course, our most precious commodity – YOU – will be there –to share your smiles, stories and friendship while getting the freshest, most fabulous foods available, and soaking up the gratitude from all of us for being part of the Jemez Springs Community Farmers Market. See you there.

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